Woodburning/multi-fuel stoves:

Several factors must be in balance for an appliance and its chimney or flue to work correctly. Wood-burning and multi-fuel stove designs are becoming ever more efficient in providing heat into the room, thereby reducing the amount of heat which would be lost within the chimney. If a chimney/flue is too cold it may not be able to maintain a consistent draught. Houses are being increasingly sealed against draught; and this draught is essential in allowing a chimney to ‘breathe’. The parameters within which an appliance and flue work are therefore becoming increasingly restricted.

There can be influencing factors outside our control – for example unsatisfactory weather conditions, lack of height to an existing chimney structure, lack of draught in a property, lack of maintaining the appliance (rope seals/lining bricks/baffles/ash-emptying), lack of chimney sweeping – which can sometimes affect the performance and/or reliability of a stove/open fireplace and its ability to burn cleanly or exhaust its gasses correctly.

Some stoves and flue pipes are available in various coloured enamel coatings, this may visibly craze or crack under the heat of the fire, this will not be covered by any manufacturer’s warranty unless specifically stated. Most stoves will contain consumable materials, notably rope seals, vermiculite fire-bricks, steel baffles, cast iron grates, door glass. These are considered consumable and are not covered by any warranty. Using high quality fuel will help extend the lifespan of these items.

A seasoned log should measure no more than 20% moisture content when using a moisture-meter. If unseasoned wood is used then this can lead to poor heat output and blackened glass, as well as heavy deposits within the flue that can ignite causing a chimney fire. When using solid fuel in a multi-fuel stove, most manufacturers recommend using anthracite, and do not recommend using housecoal, bituminous coal or petroleum coke. Using these fuels may invalidate any warranty.

Flexible Flue Liners & Twin-Wall Flues

Our 316-grade Tecnoflex flue liners carry a manufacturer’s warranty of either 20 years, or the lifetime of the appliance it is installed with, whichever comes sooner. Burning unseasoned wood, plastic, household rubbish, unapproved fuels, or regularly combining wood and coal burning at the same time may invalidate this warranty. 904-grade liners and ICID twin-wall flues have similar warranty conditions. Please enquire for specific terms and conditions that apply to flue liners and twin-wall flues.

All flues/liners/installations are designed within current guidelines and building regulations. If external factors lead to unsatisfactory performance, solutions such as the provision of a taller chimney pot/flue, anti-downdraught cowl, draft-boosting fan etc will be chargeable. If a working platform such as a scaffold is needed to carry out this work, this will also be chargeable. Standard terms and conditions for flue warranties are as follows:

Flexible 316/904 flue liners have an automatic warranty for replacement in the event of product failure for one year from the date of installation. An extended warranty of 20 years must be registered online within 30 days of installation, which covers all 316-grade flue liners up to 12m in length, and all 904-grade liners regardless of length. This warranty is invalidated if:

Any unapproved fuel, refuse or plastic has been burnt

An enclosed appliance has been operated for long periods with the door/s open

Halogen based chemical cleaners have been used

The appliance is located where substances containing chlorine or fluorine can be drawn into the air intake

The chimney or liner has suffered a chimney fire

The chimney must be regularly inspected and professionally swept, as per the requirements according to your fuel (a qualified chimney sweep’s receipt must be retained), which will be a minimum of once per year

Please note, this warranty only covers replacement of the product. It does not include any cost of re-installation or access equipment

Gas fires require annual servicing by a qualified Gas Safe engineer, if this is not routinely carried out the fire may develop problems and in some cases may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Natural Stone Fireplaces

Limestone and marble are not manufactured or man made but are natural materials, and therefore are likely to have markings that are not 100% uniformed or consistent. Each stone fireplace is unique, so should not be compared too closely with showroom displays or other stone sample pieces.

Because of the characteristics of natural stone we check each piece as it is unpacked for damage, as well as unsightly defects that may warrant a replacement, before it is installed. However, if the customer is not comfortable with the characteristics of natural stone then we would recommend considering an alternative material, e.g. conglomerate/micro-marble, if suitable for use with the intended appliance.

Markings that do not warrant replacement fireplaces include small holes (vents), hairline veins (not to be confused with a crack), fossils and other individual light or dark marks that are smaller than a 5 pence coin. “Whisps” (fossilised fern leaves) are also possible. These are considered characteristics of the stone. Due to the way the most stone fireplaces are packaged we do not unpack the fireplace until it is delivered to the customer to avoid any chance of damage.

All acids attack and corrode limestone. Take care, therefore, to prevent materials containing acid such as wine, fruit-juice, fizzy drinks, vinegar, lemon-juice or acid-containing cleaning materials from coming into contact with the stone and thereby damaging the surface.

During the excavation or removal of an old fireplace or installation of new products, if it becomes clear that extra components are required that were not previously quoted for we reserve the right to make a charge for these. If the excavation of a fireplace or chimney breast reveals unsatisfactory conditions then remedial work or alterations to any previous quotations may be necessary to allow any installation work to continue. This may include extra labour work, for example to reinstate a missing constructional hearth.

All supplied goods remain the property of Henry Isaac Fireplaces Ltd until paid in full. If overdue amounts have to be recovered, the customer will pay in full any expenses incurred in the process.

These are our standard terms and conditions and do not affect any statutory rights.